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Prognosis for Ovarian Cancer

Individual Prognosis for Ovarian Cancer

An individual’s prognosis for surviving ovarian cancer is determined by a variety of unique factors. These factors include but are not limited to:

  • Personal health (salpingo-oophorectomy)
  • The type of ovarian cancer
  • When the ovarian cancer was diagnosed
  • The type of treatment received for ovarian cancer
  • How well ovarian cancer responds to treatment
  • Age of person diagnosed with ovarian cancer

Survival Rate for Ovarian Cancer

The five-year survival rate is the standard way for doctors to discuss individual prognosis and refers to the percentage of patients who live for five years after their ovarian cancer is diagnosed. These statistics are based on large numbers of people with the disease and cannot accurately determine an individual’s prognosis. Talk to your doctor to better understand how these numbers apply to you.

The survival rate for all types of ovarian cancer is 44%, with a 92% survival rate for cases diagnosed and treated before the cancer has spread beyond the ovaries (this accounts for only 15% of total diagnoses). Women under the age of 65 have a higher survival rate than those older than 65.

Help Improve Everyone’s Prognosis

Improve the future prognosis for ovarian cancer by registering with the Familial Ovarian Cancer Registry to assist researchers nationwide find new treatments and better methods for early detection for ovarian cancer. This ongoing research will greatly help to improve the prognosis and survival rate for ovarian cancer.

This national computer tracking system stores data compiled from women nationwide who have a family history of ovarian cancer. With this information, researchers hope to identify new genes associated with ovarian cancer in order to improve genetic and psychosocial counseling for these patients and also evaluate lifestyle choices that may reduce ovarian cancer risk among affected populations.

Women over the age of 18 with a family history of ovarian cancer are encouraged to join the registry. For more information, (click here).