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Global Impact

Ovarian cancer is the 7th most diagnosed cancer of all cancers.

The disease continues to exact a devastating toll on women’s health nationally and internationally.

By the Numbers
  • 225,000 new cases of ovarian cancer are diagnosed each year worldwide.1
  • 125,000 women die of ovarian cancer each year worldwide.1
  • 22,240 women are newly diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year in the United States.2
  • 14,030 American women die each year as a result of ovarian cancer.2
Overall Progress3
  • A statistically significant decrease in the Annual Percent Change (APC) of ovarian cancer incidence was observed in the U.S. for all women (-1.03%), among women who were diagnosed at <65 years of age (-1.09%) and among women who were diagnosed at ≥65 years of age (-0.95%).
  • There was a statistically significant increase in the observed APC for survival at 12-months (0.19%), 24-months (0.58%), and 60-months (0.72%) for all women.
  • However, 5-year survival for advanced stage (III or IV) disease was low at less than 50% for women <65 years and less than 30% for women ≥65 years.
  • Global results showed a wide range in ovarian cancer incidence rates, with China exhibiting the lowest rates and the Russian Federation and the United Kingdom exhibiting the highest rates.
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